The New Lenovo S850


Lenovo announced a new addition to its PC Plus lineup– the Lenovo S850, a savvy and highly responsive smartphone encased in a classy, colorful all-glass exterior.

“The Lenovo S850 offers productivity in compact and extremely portable form factors to support diverse mobility needs of FIlipinos. Packed with cameras, powerful processors, high-definition displays, and connectivity features, the Lenovo S850 allow users to handle multiple tasks in style,”said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

Designed for the fashion-conscious consumer, the beautifully-crafted Lenovo S850 features a classy all-glass exterior that encases smooth and responsive quad-core processor. The S850’s brilliant 13MP rear & 5MP front cameras capture crisp and sharp photos effortlessly. The 5MP wide-angle front camera takes awesome selfies and project better images in voice chats.

Thin and light at 140 g, the Lenovo S850 features a five-inch screen for users to enjoy mutimedia content in HD. A dual SIM smartphone, users can use different two numbers to take advantage of two data plans simultaneously.

Lenovo S850 also supports Lenovo’s range of DOit apps, allowing users to share content with friends rapidly without network charges or Wi-Fi connection, improve speed and protect their device against viruses, spam and malware, back up and restore contacts, SMS messages and call logs, and use multiple shooting modes to when snapping photos.

The Lenovo S850 (Php 12,999.00) is available through authorized dealers of Open Communications, Lenovo Philippines’ exclusive smartphone distributor.

Source: Lenovo


Phantom Power Supply

Aside from being a guitarist since high school, Lenard is also an electronics hobbyist though he never used it as a profession. Yesterday, he was asked by my father to build phantom power supply to be used for microphone. And so he made a basic 12 volt phantom power supply, he was able to construct it after several hours.

The circuit will provide 5 milliamps of phantom power and is designed to operate an electret condenser microphone.

How Much Hair Loss Is OK?


Hair loss may affect anyone, especially as we get older. But for some, excessive hair loss can be a problem. So, just how much hair loss is normal?

According Dr. James C. Marotta, a New York-based leading hair restoration specialist, average women can expect to be shedding 50-100 hair follicles on a daily basis even up to 150 in some cases. This is the normal amount of hair a healthy scalp can except to lose on a daily basis. So don’t panic when you see stray of hairs in the shower drain. Shedding is necessary in order for new, healthy pieces of hair to grow in the old hair’s place.

However, if you are noticing more than just a few strands of hair falling out while shampooing or brushing your hair, or if follicles are actually coming out in large clumps of hair, its time to seek support and see your doctor.

There are many different reasons that you could be losing large amounts of hair, including excessive stress or lack of essential vitamins in your diet.

Excessive hair loss can also be a sign that something more serious is happening within your body. More and more women are dealing with hair loss problems than ever, and there are many different types of treatment and support available to help overcome this problem.

You can simply reduce losing hair in large quantities such as by reducing stress in your life, proper diet more vegetables and fruits, and exercise on a daily basis.

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