NordicTrack Unveils Treadmill Desk at CES 2015


NordicTrack unveield its new desk treadmill at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show. The treadmill costs $1799. The desks allow users to work and walk at the same time – the solution NordicTrack’s created for sitting too much at work.

I’m sure you alreadry read the alarming articles about the dangers of sitting. They warn that you are going to die if you sit too much but sitting is something most of us do a great deal of, especially at work.

NordicTrack says its new treadmill enables users to walk or run while working at speeds up to 10 mph. The treadmill can have an incline of up to 10%. The desk height can also be adjusted. The treadmill folds up when not being used so it can be kept out of the way when you only want to work.

The treadmill also contains the company’s iFit technology. This enables you to track your progress. You can also customize your workout to meet your goals. Other iFit features include replicate real-life runs with Google Maps and training with Jillian Michaels.

Image Credit: NordicTrack


Fun And Educational Kids Academy Apps

Preschool & Kindergarten Baby books


I love reading books, particularly children books and fairy tales. For the record, I’m an adult but there’s just really this unique charm to reading classical fairy tales, it sweeps you away and makes you feel nostalgic, so no wonder this App really caught my interest right away! The graphics were wonderful and the background music’s great. It’s so engaging and add spice to narrator’s soothing voice. The narrator narrates the story with feelings and not those typical robotic-audio-book-voice type. It feels like I was listening to my mother’s bed time story.

It is best viewed on Ipad as I had a hard time reading the words on my iPod Touch, but you can still perfectly enjoy by listening to story. I also have issues pressing the button to turn the page, I have to press it twice. Other than that, it’s a great app and would recommend to my 6 years old niece, she would definitely enjoy it!



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Albhabet Tracing and Montessori


I’ve downloaded this educational and fun App and let my 6 years old niece give it a try. I can say that she really enjoys it as she doesn’t bug me while doing my chores for more than 30 minutes except when she’s playing the Rhyming words. She says the easy mazes were literally easy for her and enjoys dragging the bone through the maze to help the cute dog find his prize while the second game Rhyming words was quite a task for her especially in the CUP-PUP part. And the last game Uppercase letters was where she really had fun. She says it was like how her teacher taught her to trace the letters, and played it over and over. This app is very fun and engaging most kids would definitely enjoy and learn from it.



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Simple Tricks To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


It’s Holiday season once again, aside from gift giving, this the season where we want to eat and drink to our heart’s content (I know you do!) which will result in gaining extra pounds. But did you know that there’s some tricks you can do to avoid holiday weight gain? Read on!

  1. Chew Slowly.  The quicker we eat, the less time the body has to register fullness . So slow down and take a second to savor each bite of mouth watering turkey you are eating.
  2. Save the calories for your favorite treats. I know how you love to eat something sweet on holiday so I won’t stop you but eat the one that you really like and then move on.
  3. Use smaller plates. Smaller salad plate (8-10 inches) instead of a tray-like one (12 inches or more) can actually make us feel fuller with less food. The brain associates a big white space on the plate with less food (and smaller plates generally require smaller portions) .
  4. Exercise. Just because it’s holiday it means you can now slack off. Make it a point to spend a few minutes each day doing squats and lunges. This will help you burn off those extra pounds you’re bound to gain.
  5. Get Enough Sleep. Though Holiday season means long break from work, you can sleep late at night. Getting enough sleep can help shave off some pounds, since sleep loss is linked to changes in appetite.

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