How To Convert a Regular Prepaid SIM Card to a Micro SIM Card


If you’re upgrading to a new smartphone, you may also need to change the size of your SIM card as newer smartphones typically require a Micro SIM or Nano SIM.

In my case, I have a Nokia C3 that uses a regular SIM card then I recently bought a used but well-kept iPhone 4s. It took me 5 days before I can used my “new” phone as I don’t yet have a micro sim.

I’ve been searching the net and forums on how I can convert my Globe SIM card to micro SIM card without changing my cellphone number. Most of the advice given is to bring it to cellphone shops and let them cut it down for you with charged, of course.

Luckily, there’s one user, who also upgraded his sim card to micro sim with his old cellphone number retained, advises to bring it to Globe stores and they will cut it with no charged.

So, yesterday I went to Globe store in Gateway. I explained to the assistant my concern, he told me that they don’t cut the sim card, they changed it to a new one instead with the same cellphone number. He asked for my ID and gave me a small piece of paper to write my name, cellphone number, and my upgrade of sim card from regular to micro. He doesn’t give a queuing number so I asked him again where will I go next. He then accompany to the transaction counter and gave my ID with the piece of paper to the guy in-charged. The guy in-charged asked my reason of upgrade after telling him my reason he asked for my old sim card and told me to wait. After 10 minutes of waiting he handed me a new SIM card – a micro sim with my old cellphone number for free.

One tip though, if your contacts are saved in your sim card be sure to save it to your phone’s memory before heading to Globe stores as they will not give back your old sim card. Aside from contacts, everything will be transfered to your new micro sim card such as the load.


Why You Should Try The New T-Bucket 400CE Acoustic Electric Guitar?

So, why you should try the new T-Bucket 400CE acoustic electric guitar?


Well, because the new T-Bucket 400 CE Flamed maple acoustic-electric guitar is a real stunner. Fender upgraded t bucket features including a remarkable new holographic rosette inlay, new 12th-fret “F” logo inlay design, gold hardware, and Graphtech Nubone nut and compensated bridge saddle for enhanced tone.

The Fender guitar is built on a dreadnought platform, where the body depth and shoulder width produce a sound chamber yielding tremendous tone, balanced from lows to highs. The T-Bucket 400 CE guitar’s cutaway offers comfort and accessibility for those high-register frets. The neck is also flamed maple, a strong wood that brings out crisp definition of each note.

The rosewood bridge and fret board provide lasting sustain, while the compensated saddle and die-cast tuners help keep the Fender T-Bucket acoustic guitar in precise tuning. The chrome hardware and gloss polyurethane finish add a striking natural appearance, letting the flame maple grains shine through in its natural beauty.

Why Collectors Should Consider Sharing Collections Online


There have been many theories about the reasons people become collectors. Some do it to stay connected to events or people from the past. Others do it to stand out as individuals and showcase their own personal tastes. Technology has made it even easier for you to create your own collection and share it with the world. Collection items no longer merely sit in glass display cases. Photos of the items can now be uploaded to websites, auction sites, catalogs and social media sites to be showcased around the world. Here are a few reasons traditional collections may want to make their finds digital.

Broaden the Buying Spectrum
Not every collector gathers special items to hold on to them forever. Some people decide to sell because they no longer have the space, need the cash for some pending emergency or they no longer have an interest. Some started their collections just to sell them. A collection that is visible online has a worldwide audience. Buyers from all over the globe can see items and make respectful offers for them.

Find Like-Minded Collectors
Perhaps you have amassed pieces that are so unique many around you consider them weird. This means the outlets that will allow you to talk about the thing that brings you the most joy are limited. The online world provides more possibility that there are others worldwide with the same interests.

Establish a Reputation As An Expert
Those who build collections tend to know limitless information about the kinds of items they collect. Placing a collection online and giving details about each piece helps others see you as an authority. Journalists, other collectors and researchers may come in search of photos, information and comments, especially if recent news headlines connect to something in the collection.

Not many people start collections to keep the items a secret. Part of the joy of collecting is having a vehicle to share collectibles with a wider audience. The digital world provides that opportunity for the collector. Making a collection part of the online world makes the possibilities endless.

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