Top 10 Reasons Why Travel Is Good for You

Whether you’re into Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you probably see photos of your friends and family traveling to other places on a regular basis. It makes you wonder – why are they so eager to save money for a quick trip to a place that’s so far from home? Why does it seem like everyone’s been bitten by the travel bug?

If you don’t understand why traveling seems like such a big deal nowadays, these top 10 reasons to see the world would make you realize why.

1. It forces you to leave your comfort zone

Conquer your fears, try new things, and prove to yourself that you can leave your comfort zone.
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When you travel to a place that you haven’t been to before, you’re allowing yourself to be open to a world of new experiences. It builds your confidence by making you realize that you can actually do things that you never thought you could do. Whether it’s something as simple as camping outdoors or something as daring as climbing a mountain, you’d be proud of yourself for doing it anyway.

2. It gives you some alone time


Tired of being around people all the time? A trip to somewhere else would do you a world of good. Photo courtesy of

No matter how outgoing you are, there will be times in your life when you just want to be alone and forget about all the stress of being an adult. If you’re constantly worried about your stressful job, the never-ending bills you have to pay, or even some relationship problems, traveling will definitely give you the peace of mind you need.

3. It makes you miss your loved ones

When you’re away from the people you love, you tend to appreciate them more. After a few days in your dream destination, you’d suddenly feel the urge to call your family and friends and tell them everything about your exciting vacation. You start missing their voice, and you start to look forward to being with them again when you get home. After all, there’s no place like home, right?

4. It helps you meet new people

It’s hard to make new friends, especially if you’re constantly surrounded by your family, old friends, and your colleagues. If you want to expand your circle, traveling to another place would definitely help you do just that. Try joining some group tours or talking to some locals. You’ll be amazed at how a simple smile and hello can help you meet interesting people who are just as excited to meet you.

5. It keeps you away from social media

Stop texting and browsing social media and learn to enjoy what’s right in front of you.
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Can’t resist checking Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram after a long day at work? If that’s the case, traveling would give you the perfect time to unplug and enjoy real experiences. Believe me, there are a lot of things that are more interesting than the photos and videos you see in social media sites every day.

6. It helps you explore new cultures

Rub shoulders with the locals and discover the beauty of new cultures.
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Are you the kind of person who’s always eager to learn new things? You’d be glad to know that taking a vacation in an unfamiliar place would quench your thirst for knowledge. Whether you want to know more about other cultures or you just want to learn a new language, you’d definitely

7. It makes you seem much more interesting


Want to seem more interesting? A couple of travel anecdotes are all you need.
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Ever wondered why people who travel a lot seem to be very interesting? Well, simply because they do have lots of interesting stories to tell. Whether you’ve had a strange, funny, or even serious experience, everyone you know would certainly be all ears once you start telling them about it.

8. It gives you a lot of great memories

Most people invest a lot of their money on their travels because it gives them unforgettable memories. Canoeing through wild rapids, conquering a mountain, or even just watching a beautiful sunset in the beach can give you an inexplicable feeling of satisfaction that you could cherish even after that beautiful moment has passed.

9. It turns you into a better person

Traveling to other places can make you a stronger person and teach you how to adapt to unexpected situations. It can also give you an open mind, making you understand other cultures better than you did before. All those new things you’ve learned and all those beautiful experiences would definitely enhance your unique personality.

10. It helps you break away from your routine

Beach woman funky happy and colorful wearing sunglasses and beac

Tired of all that stress from work? Take a short break and give yourself a little tender loving care.
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Work hard, pay bills, work hard, pay bills – there seems to be no end to this boring cycle. Being an adult isn’t easy, right? But you don’t have to be too hard on yourself all the time. You’d be working hard every single day of your life, so you better treat yourself to a nice vacation every once in a while.

So what are you waiting for? Book that flight to your dream destination and give yourself a well-deserved break!


10 Underrated Beaches in the Philippines

While there are many popular and known beach resorts in the Philippines, there are still a lot of beaches left to be discovered and visited. They are less crowded and secluded that even locals don’t know about it. I for one did not know that they even existed! Imagine that. However, the good thing about these “secret” beach destinations – they are simply beautiful, picturesque and offer a relaxing environment that is simply ideal to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy world we are living in.

1. Calaguas Island

Photo Credit to Kristine-Magadia

This beach is a haven for people who simply want to relax and escape the busy world. Frolic along the fine white sand and be amazed with its clear blue waters. Just be reminded though that there’s no electricity, no cellphone or data signal – it’s pure, raw beach environment. So make sure that you bring along your tents and other necessities. Getting there will require you to take an 8 hour ride from a bus, Manila to Daet, Camarines Norte. Once there, hop on a jeep bound to Vinzons and tell the driver to bring you to the port. From Vinzons port, you will be taking a boat ride which will take around 2 hours.

2. Alibijaban Island

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You can expect not only unspoiled beaches but warm smiles plus a welcoming community on this beach resort. Located in San Andres, Quezon reaching the place is easy.

You only need to take a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal then another one going to San Andres onto a boat ride heading towards the island. Travel time will only take around 6 hours but once you get there, white sands, clear water and mangroves will leave you breathless.

3. Catanduanes Sand Beaches

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You will definitely have a hard time choosing what beach to go in this place for all of them are simply magnificent with creamy white colored sands, blue waters and beautiful surroundings. Choose from Pururan Beach, great for surfing, Marilima and Mamangal beaches where you can marvel on the beautiful sunset and see the beautiful Mt. Mayon and the pristine Bitaog Beach.

Fastest way to reach Catanduanes is by a 55 minute plane ride via Manila to Virac route.

4. Tiamban Beach

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Located in Romblon, Romblon, the most budget friendly way to reach the province is by riding a boat. Take a bus ride from Manila going to the Batangas Pier and book your ticket. Once in Romblon, ask the trike driver to take you there which will cost around P100 and you will be there in 15 minutes. You will see the white sand beaches and experience tranquil environment plus clear waters which is truly magnificent.

5.Burot Beach

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If you have your own car, it would only take around 3 hours to reach Calatagan Batangas. To commute, take a bus going to there and ask the driver to drop you at the Calatagan market. From there, take a tricycle ride and ask to be taken to Burot Beach. Fare is P50 per head. This remote beach consists of fine white sands with calm, clear, blue waters and tranquil surroundings as well.

6. Nakabuang Beach

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Situated in the remote island of Sabtang in Batanes, you will simply be amazed that this province has its own beach as well. With white sands and a spectacular view of the famous arc rock foundation, it will simply bedazzle you. To reach this place, better to take a plane ride going to Basco Batanes and ask the locals to bring you there once you’ve reached Batanes.

7. Gumasa Beach

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With its glorious view and the finest white sand, you will never imagine that you are in Mindanao. It can be compared with the beaches of Boracay, and yes, this pristine beach deserved to be marveled upon.

Flights going to General Santos City are available every day in Manila. Once you’ve arrived in GenSan, go to KCC Mall where you can ride a van going to Glan, Sarangani. Hail a “habal-habal” then ask the driver to bring you to your choses beach resort. Choose from Coco Beach resort, Brod Louie or Rosal Beach.

8. Padre Burgos Quezon

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Another exceptional find is the beauty of Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin in Padre Burgos, Quezon. It offers unspoiled white sand, amazing tropical background and many fun-filled activities like going to Boracay. The good thing though, less travel costs!

If you will travel by car, it will only take around 3-4 hours but if you plan to commute, it might take you 4-5 hours with a bus ride. From Cubao Terminal, look for bus bound to Lucena and get off at the Lucena Grand Terminal. Ride a minibus going to Unisan or any bus going to Padre Burgos. Once there, take a trike ride going to Barangay Basiao and ask to drop you off to a place where you can take a boatride going to those find beaches.

9. Masasa Beach

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For another unique experience, visit the Masasa Beach. Situated conveniently in Tingloy, Batangas, this is another rare find. It’s not hard reaching the place because all you need to do is ride a bus going to Batangas and ask to be dropped off in Batangas City Grand Terminal. Once you are there take a jeepney bound to Anilao which will cost you around P35 then take a boat ride going to Tingloy and once there, ride a tricycle to take you to Masasa Beach.

You will not regret your trip for once you reached the place, it’s pure tropical paradise. Place is serene and not crowded. It’s simply a relaxing sight with crystal clear waters and fine sands. There are no developments yet so you might want to bring all the essentials with you.

10. Punta Bulata in Danjugan Island

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This is a secluded resort located in Cauayan, Negros Occidental. This place is another gem that is worth visiting. Best known for having colorful and beautiful marine life, plus the fact that Cauyan and its neighboring Sipalay City has a tremendous stretch of white sands, this is the perfect getaway for you and your friends!

Getting there is quite a bit of a challenge as Ceres Liner in Bacolod is the only bus that will take you nearer to that place. Make sure that you go to the SOUTHBOUND terminal (there are 2 terminals, north and south) so you might want to check it carefully before riding the bus. Ride the bus heading to Hinoba-an and ask the driver to be dropped off at Barangay Cartagena. Once there, take a tricycle, ask to be taken to Punta Bulata and enjoy the breath-taking sights of this beautiful beach.

Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit in the Philippines

Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re not really into trick-or-treating, why not visit these top mysterious places instead? If you’re looking for a good scare, these popular tourist destinations are definitely worth visiting.

1. The Laperal White House


The Laperal White House may look charming on the outside, but it’s actually known as one of the scariest places to visit in the Philippines. Photo courtesy of

The Laperal White House, which is located in Leonard Wood Road, has attracted lots of tourists who are in search of paranormal haunts. Built by the Laperal family, one of the oldest clans in Baguio, this Victorian style property sits on a four-hectare land.

Lito Calyo, the caretaker of the Laperal house, said the house witnessed brutal killings when it was used as a garrison by the Japanese forces. Men were beheaded and women were raped inside the house. It has been closed to the public for years, but this did not stop the rumors of paranormal activities connected to the house from spreading.

2. Clark Air Base Hospital


Do horror movies bore you? The creepy interiors of this abandoned hospital would surely send chills down your spine. Photo courtesy of

This abandoned hospital in Clark, Pampanga was used as an asylum for dying American soldiers during the war. It also became famous in other parts of the world because it was featured in I Wouldn’t Go There, one of National Geographic’s top-rating documentaries.

Some of the paranormal activities that people have experienced in Clark Air Base Hospital include screams, apparitions, and strange voices that seem to be coming from nowhere. Stories about violent unseen elements inside the hospital have also circulated because objects have been reportedly thrown toward uninvited visitors.

3. Diplomat Hotel


The Diplomat Hotel witnessed the brutal killings of innocent babies, nuns, and priests during the World War II. Photo courtesy of

The Diplomat Hotel used to be a seminary that also served as a retreat house and monastery for Dominicans. When it was attacked by the Japanese forces, priests and nuns were beheaded and infants were killed in this place. Tony Agpaoa decided to turn the seminary into a hotel after the war, but guests kept complaining about hearing wailing voices all day long. It is said that headless priests also roam the hotel’s grounds, holding platters where their heads are carefully placed.

4. Manila Film Center


The Manila Film Center in Pasay City continues to tickle the imagination of those who believe that the place is haunted. Photo courtesy of

In November 17, 1981, a tragedy that buried hundreds of construction workers during the construction of the ever popular Manila Film Center occurred. It is said that First Lady Imelda Marcos ordered to rush the construction of the building because she wanted it to be ready for the following year’s Manila Film Festival. However, the building’s ceilings collapsed on that day, burying construction workers down its freshly laid concrete.

Rumor has it that this haunted building is filled with the moans and cries of the angry spirits that were trapped inside the building. People who go there believe that the spirits are still seeking justice for their tragic deaths.

5. Teacher’s Camp


Teacher’s Camp in Leonard Wood Road is said to house the frustrated souls of Baguio residents. Photo courtesy of

American Teachers used Teacher’s Camp as a training site in the early 1900s. Even though it’s already a hundred years old, Filipino teachers who visit Baguio continue to use it as a training center.

Teacher’s Camp is also popular among tourists because it is said to house the frustrated souls of residents who died in Baguio. According to visitors and caretakers, they often hear strange sounds when they walk around the camp’s corridors. Some tourists also claim that they heard heavy footsteps along Teacher Camp’s hallway and saw a headless priest and a white lady walking around the place.

Why watch horror movies if you could actually experience paranormal activities yourself? If you’re a brave soul who wants to have a memorable ghostly encounter, then you would surely enjoy exploring these mysterious places.

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