Will You Buy $300 worth Lipstick?


Only if you have $300 to spare.

For a regular corporate employee like me, $15 is the maximum amount I can and will pay for a lipstick and that’s ONLY when I have $15 to spare! And that amount is nothing if you want the latest from Givenchy’s Le Rouge lipstick collection. You can lay hands on the limited-edition Givenchy lipstick that comes in a case made of crocodile leather for whooping $300.

So, what makes it so EXPENSIVE? Well, first, they’re only producing 3,000 of them to be sold exclusively at Barney’s. They will be each be numbered to prove authentic rarity. Lastly, the classic red shade of the Le Rouge lipstick will have a case made out of 100 percent crocodile leather.

If you’re still interested acquiring expensive lipstick, you will have to wait until mid-October for the release. A pretty good 2 months to save.


Hair Loss Causes and Tips


This past few months, I’ve noticed I have been losing more hair than is normal when combing it. Actually, I’ve been seeing strands of hair on my pillow in the morning, in the furniture, on the shower drain and even on the floor. My guess? The different hair products and chemicals I’ve used on my hair years ago to beautify my tresses and now they haunt me. Scary!

Seriously, hormonal changes may be the culprit according to my derma. She also cited iron deficiency and stress are likely contributors. I think back over the last few months and I remember that there were some events that make me stress. But the good news is my hair will grow back normally once stress is reduced. She also says that a lack of sufficient protein in my diet, an over abundance of vitamin A contributes to my hair fall.

She also give me some tips to reduce my hair fall such as: avoid brushing hair when wet, limit use of blow dryers, straighteners, and too tight ponytail.

Though, I know it’s perfectly normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day, regardless of age, it’s still important to see a doctor who can help us identify vitamin deficiencies or health issues that may be contributing to hair loss.

Noise Reduction Technology Headphones

I’ve been meaning to try Lenard’s headphones he got from musicans friend, but my iPod touch is not cooperating this past few days, I can play applications but not on music and video. I would really love to try his new headphones as it boast a feature of noise-reduction technology. Meaning, you hear less noise and more of your music and movies with quality sound  and a long-lasting comfortable fit. A combination of benefits you won’t find in any other headphone.

Seems like it would take more weeks before I can finally try his new headphones.

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