Tips To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping Kid

I’ve been a little crabby lately though the monthly period was finished a week ago. I am quite sure the culprit is my late-sleep-nights. Actually, I’ve having trouble sleeping this past few nights no matter how early I go to bed. I’m not quite sure of what is reason behind these late-sleep-nights but I detest the outcome – hello zits and eye-bags!

According to Wiki how having trouble sleeping at night continuously can leave us physically and emotionally drained. Having a good night sleep helps our body to re-energize and heal itself while your mind wanders around dreamland. While not getting enough sleep can cause serious effect to our health such as heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. Well, these effects alone frighten me big time, so I did a little research to stop myself from tossing and turning ever night.

Avoid naps – because it just only makes the matter worse if you have trouble falling asleep at night. When feeling sleepy, go for a short walk, drink a glass of ice water, or make yourself busy.

Cut the caffeine – caffeine interferes with the deeper stages of sleep, so even small amounts found in chocolate and decaffeinated coffee may impact your rest.

Free mind from any worries at bedtime – (I’M GUILTY OF THIS) racing thoughts makes our mind wide awake. Before bedtime try making a list of any worries, along with a plan to deal with them, to bring closure to your day.

Use bed for sleeping only – activities like watching TV in bed, using your tablet, doing paperwork or texting on your phone can stimulate your brain, instead of relaxing you.

So these must be some reasons why I can have a good night sleep at night. Honestly, I’m most guilty of bringing my worries during bedtime. I really have a very active mind during night, but now I know how to deal with it. So I must remember these from now on as sleep is very important in our life and it helps us to perform at our best and be healthy.


Hervé Chapelier opens first Southeast Asia store in Manila

Hervé Chapelier is a French fashion accessories company, specializing in strong colourful nylon bags. Like Longchamp, the bags can be folded although not into a pocket size but they are similarly lightweight, hardy, long wearing and great for travel. The company became popular in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Several months ago they opened their first Southeast Asia store branch at SM Aura.


Their Hervé Chapelier tote bags became a popular fashion trend among young women in the early 2000s and still going on. It’s a trapezoid-shaped nylon bag with handles in a number of lengths—cross-body, handheld or over the shoulder. Prices range from Php 3,750 to Php 18,450.

Trailer of Before I Go to Sleep


Studio Canal UK have released the first trailer and poster for Before I Go to Sleep, the movie based on the best-selling mystery novel by S.J. Watson. Nicole Kidman stars as Christine Lucas, a woman who suffered a severe brain trauma due to a beating 18 years ago. She does not remember anything each morning, as her short term memory disappears as she sleeps.

She thinks she’s still in her twenties, but each day she comes to terms with her situation once again. Helping her to remember are her husband (Colin Firth) and doctor (Mark Strong) who is a memory specialist. She is the only one who knows who beat her up and put her in this condition and she is suspicious of every one around her until she remembers the truth.

Image credit: Millennium Films

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