Hervé Chapelier opens first Southeast Asia store in Manila

Hervé Chapelier is a French fashion accessories company, specializing in strong colourful nylon bags. Like Longchamp, the bags can be folded although not into a pocket size but they are similarly lightweight, hardy, long wearing and great for travel. The company became popular in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Several months ago they opened their first Southeast Asia store branch at SM Aura.


Their Hervé Chapelier tote bags became a popular fashion trend among young women in the early 2000s and still going on. It’s a trapezoid-shaped nylon bag with handles in a number of lengths—cross-body, handheld or over the shoulder. Prices range from Php 3,750 to Php 18,450.


Trailer of Before I Go to Sleep


Studio Canal UK have released the first trailer and poster for Before I Go to Sleep, the movie based on the best-selling mystery novel by S.J. Watson. Nicole Kidman stars as Christine Lucas, a woman who suffered a severe brain trauma due to a beating 18 years ago. She does not remember anything each morning, as her short term memory disappears as she sleeps.

She thinks she’s still in her twenties, but each day she comes to terms with her situation once again. Helping her to remember are her husband (Colin Firth) and doctor (Mark Strong) who is a memory specialist. She is the only one who knows who beat her up and put her in this condition and she is suspicious of every one around her until she remembers the truth.

Image credit: Millennium Films

L’Oreal to Purchase NYX Cosmetics


Beauty cosmetic giant L’Oreal has announced that it will acquire popular inexpensive cosmetics company NYX Cosmetics. NYX is a younger skewing makeup line based out of Los Angeles that is known for its low prices, on trend colors and good quality cosmetics. The drugstore brand is quite popular with young women and sales have been surging.

NYX was founded n 1999 by Toni Ko who wanted a line that had cutting edge colors and formulations but at a low price point. The company was named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night. The company had net sales of $72 million in 2013, which is a nearly 50% increase from the year before. 2014 looks to have even higher sales figures, which made the company a very attractive takeover prospect.

Toni Ko, the Chairwoman of NYX, had this to say about the deal: “NYX has seen tremendous growth in the last decade and I have complete confidence that L’Oreal will remain true to its brand identity and mission, which is to provide high quality, innovative professional cosmetics for women around the world. We possess a shared commitment to creating best in class products and the NYX consumer stands to benefit enormously from L’Oreal’s extensive marketing, distribution and R&D resources.”

L’Oreal says that NYX will remain based in Los Angeles at its current headquarters and the leadership of the company is staying the same. NYX will now be part of L’Oreal’s Consumer Products Division which includes other popular brands such as Maybelline NY, Kiehl’s, Essie, Urban Decay and Clarisonic. The terms and sale price of the deal were not disclosed.

Image: Nyx